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  A picturesque bulgarian town

"The valley of Teteven is enchanted, unbelievably beautiful!"
Felix Kanits

Teteven municipality is located in North-Central Bulgaria in Lovech District, at distance of 120 km from the capital Sofia. Municipality's population is about 25 000 people, and Teteven's - about 12 000 people.. Its territory is stretches out along the beautiful Vit valley. The altitude above sea level varies from 340 to 2100m, and Teteven is 415 m. Surrounded by garland of peaks - Pertahil, Treskavets, Osrtich, Cherven, Kon, Haidouk meadow - makes Teteven one of the most picturesque towns in Bulgaria

This region has been dwelt in the remote past. Among the first was the Thracian Serdi tribe. Numismatic finds indicate that there was a Roman settlement here. Remains of Roman roads and watchtowers can also be seen. The town was first mentioned in a written document in 1421. In the middle of 18th century the town was called "Altan Teteven" and was one of the most developed settlements in the region. In 1803 the town was burned down and plundered by Kardjalias. Afterward, the former glory was hard to be returned.

Nowadays, on the territory of the municipality there are business establishment for electro drives, textiles, household goods, furniture, wood-carving, lumbering, blinds, joinery. Here is produced the famous Teteven's plum-brandy. An important factor for the development of the municipality is the tourism.. The beauty of nature and the historic memory preserved in the region have enchanted tourists for a long recreation houses, villas, guesthouses and hotels meet the visitors cordially.

Interesting sights of Teteven are: the historical museum, the church "Vsiah Svetii" and the chapel next to it, the "St. Ilia" monastery built in XIV century, the picture-gallery in the centre of the town, the monastery of Glojen "St. Georgi", built in XIII century during the reign of Czar Ivan Asen II; the ancient houses - Bobevskata, Iorgovata and Hadji Ivanovata; the place of death of Georgi Benkovski in Kostina - Ribaritsa and of Sava Mladenov in Koznitsa - Teteven.

The village of Ribaritsa (12km to the east) is one of the longest villages in Bulgaria and it is a famous mountainous resort. There are a lot of holiday houses, country-houses, private hotels and public catering establishments. It is among the key points of departure for tourist passages in the Teteven Balkan. The historical Glojenski Monastery is located above the village of Glojene (15 km from Teteven). There is no such other monastery in Bulgaria, "landed" on a rocky edge, which looks like a Medieval Castle. It was erected in 13th century by the Kiev prince Glozh, after its escape from South Russia.

25km northwest from the town is situated the cave Sueva Dupka. On the land of the town there are many other nature landmarks: the caves "Liastovitsa" and "Morovitsa" and the waterfalls "Praskaloto" and "Skoka" tucked in the wild nature.

Тhe Teteven Balkan Mountain is included in the territory of the National Park Central Balkan. The natural reserves Boatin, Tsarichina, and Kozya stena are located within its framework. Mountains in the region are a pleasant place for tourism and recreation that include walking, hiking, and hunting, collecting of wild berries, herbs and mushrooms. There are good skiing conditions in winter in the area of the following mountain hostels: Vejen, Benkovski, Vasiljov and Haidushka Pesen. There is perfect fishing and sunbathing conditions along the Beli Vit River and its feeders during the summer months. The beautiful cliff formations around Teteven offer good climbing conditions.

When Ivan Vazov visited Teteven, delighted by the views that revealed in front of his eyes, he exclaimed: "Had I not come to Teteven, I would have stayed a foreigner for Mother Bulgaria. I have traveled all over but never have I seen such an enchanting place.".

Teteven is among the 100 Tourist Sites of Bulgaria.